Treatment ( Tratamento )

Argan Oil

A unique product which returns the elasticity, smoothness and shine to all types of hair.
With high profitability, form a delicate protective film on the hair fiber,
aligning the threads and repairing split ends. Untangles, gives shine and silkiness
to the hair, making them uniquely special and visibly repaired.

Hidra Spa

We reached the edge of hydration and hair restoration. Discover the secret of beauty with the line Hydra Spa, a line
specially developed to provide the ultimate in hair hydration and hair restoration.
Beautiful hair and well maintained through innovative products made with active
high-impact results for those seeking a quick treatment with the ultimate in shine and silkiness.
The Hydra Spa line gives hair revitalization,leaving them with rejuvenated aspect, radiant glow, reducing
frizz and intense replenishment of nutrients.

Shock Treatment 

Amazing hydration and treatment with active ingredients of high technology, the
Shock Treatment  line offers deep cleaning and moisturizing. Retrieves the inside of the threads cuticles resulting in strong hair,
healthy, regenerated and nourished. The action of the Cotton Oil and Cupuaçu
Butter, Shea and Tucumã return the natural shine of hair, and the high untangling power.

Varnish Brush

Hydration and cauterization. Its formula recovers up to 90% damaged hair with the first application.
Its mirrored shine has the effect of varnish brush, besides providing softness and silkiness.

Water Blue

Water Blue is a concentrate that provides to the threads deep hydration. When easily activated , rapidly expanding the threads, forming
a conditioning and untangling mask, providing shine and silkiness. Made with Lumini ™ System, which promotes brilliance and unmatched antifrizz action.
Each ampoule is up to five medium hair.

Straightening / Relaxing


System of natural hair transformation , acts with intensity and functionality. The presence of butters Cupuaçú,Shea and Tucuma,
plus cotton extract, ensures silky and soft hair, even after the implementation of Guanidine, giving natural and healthy aspect
to hair. Adjust the strength decreasing or increasing the amount of activator, see the step by step.

Kit 1

1- 2,2lb relaxing cream , 1- 17,6oz guanidine activator , 1- 17,6oz neutralizing balm , 1 - 2,46oz protective skin and threads.

Kit 2

2 – 2,2lb relaxing cream , 1- 17,6oz guanidine activator , 1-  17,6oz neutralizing balm , 1-  2,46oz protective skin and threads.


Everliss Kit is designed to meet all the demands of modern woman who wants beautiful hair and without volume. Totally safe line
and no added formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. Has Blonde  effect.

USAGE TIP: as maintenance use the WLiss line.



The Evoliss came to make life easier for the professional hairdresser and provide safety and satisfaction to customers.
As the main active Evoliss relies on the strength of the new Nanoxílic acid,which acts in the structure of the fiber
and creates a moisture repellent film, promoting reduction of volume and extreme shine. The formula EvoLiss,
does not contain formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde, is a lawful product as regards health professional and consumer!

Unique Product.
Practical and Efficient.


Definitive and effective brush with ammonia thioglycolate . Enriched with Bio-Restore®, which returns to threads the properties lost during the straightening process. 60% less ammonia smell. The kit consists of two tubes of smoothing cream, a Neutralizer and a Sealing, which in addition to
treating, acts with a weakening of the straightening cream force, allowing use in sensitized hair.

composition - two tubes of 17,6oz smoothing cream, 1 tube of 17,6oz neutralizer, 1 bottle of 17,6oz sealing.



Optimal color fixing
Perfect white coverage
Dermatologically tested, it provides security to the professional and his client.
Formula enriched with argan oil that promotes shine, softness and silkiness to the hair.
A range of tones available to your creativity!

USAGE TIP: as maintenance use the Argan Oil line

Bleaching Agent 

A new born concept of revealing emulsion, are "bleaching agents". Are products developed with high technology and innovation in their design to work with the coloring and bleaching powder providing treatment never before experienced in these procedures. Surprise yourself and also surprise your customers
with colored hair and discolored with intense treatment during the process. Available in 20v and 35v versions.

Blonde Line

REVEALER EMULSION  WColor. Developed to act effectively in discolorations, preventing the hair from getting to unwanted yellowness. The OX Blonde WColor can be used even in "stains" without interfering in color. Its creaminess and consistency to facilitate mixing with the mass of the color.

Bleaching Powder 

Formula developed with active treatment and protection that preserve the integrity of the hair fiber during the discoloration. Fast and effective, is gently perfumed,
does not raise dust (dust free) and disperses easily in hydrogen peroxide to form a creamy emulsion excellent performance in bleaching processes, reflections or strands that do not damage the threads. Made with chamomile extract, which helps smooth discoloration, preventing damage to the threads, and
hydrolyzed collagen that moisturizes, protects and improves elasticity and threads flexibility. Enriched with silicones that facilitate clearance. Preferably use with revealing emulsions WBeauty or bleaching agents WBeauty.


Bleaching powder of  high-performance and effectiveness. Acts quickly and with excellent bleaching results. Formulated without ammonia and with
much more active treatment that protect the threads while discolor. Made with ARGAN  that moisturizes, softens and stimulates hair renewal; with Chamomile
which enhances the whitening course and softens the threads; ALOE VERA with that re-hydrates and protects the cuticles of the hair; and also SEAWEED
that invigorate and fortify the leather scalp. Use preferably with revealing emulsions WBeauty or bleaching agents Wbeauty.


Mask Blonde

Specially developed for bleached hair, reduces unwanted yellow tones, leaving them with a sensational Platinum effect.
 Rich in Açai extract, promotes softness, hydration and prevents aging of the hair fiber.

S.O.S Red & Green Kit

Innovative solution to correct greenish hair and maintaining red. This is a Kit 2 in 1. Its formula is made with Lunadye ™
System, a single lamellar gel-based system that in addition to maintaining the red color and correction of greenish
hair, promotes silkiness and shine.
Using pigmented hydration kit (Shampoo, Balsam and Red Water), the hairs have renovated red and with incredible shine and silkiness.

Water Red

Ideal for hair with red color. Resets the red pigments lost during the washings, combating fading. Promotes deep
hydration, intense shine and silkiness. Use in the period between one color and another. Each ampule yields up to 5 medium hair.

Water Color

With a quick and intensive treatment, it is developed with a formula that gradually softens the yellowish nuances, highlights the platinum tone of
gray hair, blond or bleached. It contains components that recover the softness and silkiness of the threads leaving them with natural shine. Each ampoule is up to 5
medium hair.


Hair Style & Finish

Mousse Modeler
Mousse fixative and modeling of curler and hairstyles. Acts by enhancing the brightness and balance of the hair and protects the heat of the diffusers. It acts as antifrizz
and promotes control of creepy threads. It allows styling with volume hairstyles and the development of clusters with baby lizz with prolonged effect.

Promotes drought attachment, instant and long-lasting for all hair styles. Made with D'Panthenol that protects and revitalizes the threads providing a healthy and sturdy appearance.

Hairstyles finisher  that promotes a perfect dry hydration, making soft, light and shiny hair. Composed of silicones that protect the threads enhancing the beauty brushes and hairstyles.

Shock Treatment

Ideal for people with wavy hair who prefer to leave them to dry naturally. Form clusters with well defined natural wet shine. Moisturizes and nourishes.
Excellent pre brush. Smoothes the friction of brush with threads, promoting ease and less fatigue to the arm of the professional. Formulated
with wheat protein which recovers the vitality of the threads. It has natural photo protective.

Definitely seals split ends, of all types of hair, protecting them from the root. On curly hair, defines curls and ensures the natural appearance; in straight hair, retains the natural way.


Shock Treatment

Used in conjunction prolong the effect of deep hydration previously made. Your customers deserve good products. Ideal for use in the basin. Professional products.

Grape Seed

The Grape Seed Oil besides of strengthen the threads, contributes to the growth of the hair, leaving them perfectly silky, shiny and hydrated naturally.
The line consists of three products, namely: 1.1gal. Shampoo,1.1gal, Conditioner and 6,17lb.Reestructure Mask.

Macadamia Extract

Line developed to offer financial returns to hairdressers, maintaining the high quality of our products, that is, even if dealing with a sink
line, hairdressers and their clients pleased by the quality offered. Formulated with macadamia extract, it provides softness and silkiness to the hair, as well as providing a pleasant sensation of freshness on the scalp to contain the mint shampoo formulation. The line consists of three products, namely: 1.1gal.Shampoo , 1.1gal. Conditioner and 6,17lb.Reestructure Mask.

Flowers and Fruits

Formulation specifically developed to promote hydration, brightness and lightness to the hair, conditioning them and protecting them with the nutrients flowers and fruits.Cleans smoothly, improving the absorption of nutrients, water and oxygen by the hair bulb, providing strength and anti-age to the threads depending on the Lotus


Felt Hair

Feel your hair hydrated. Take your perfume where you go.Moisturizing and fragrance in one product. Felt Hair: counter types of imported perfumes that offer brightness and hydration. Try and fall in love . Women's fragrances available: DG - Dolce & Gabbana ,AG – Angel , FB - Ferrari Black.

Blonde Line

Effective line in reducing unwanted yellow tones of blond hair. Sought in the power of açai all their differences, promoting high hydration and combating the aging of threads. • Rich in açai extract, promotes softness, hydration and prevents aging of the hair fiber.

Hidra Spa

We reached the edge of hydration and hair restoration. Discover the secret of beauty with the line Hydra Spa, a line specially developed to provide the ultimate in hair hydration and hair restoration. The Hydra Spa line gives hair revitalization, leaving them with rejuvenated aspect, radiant glow, reducing frizz and intense replenishment of nutrients.

Ampoule of Argan Oil

Developed to continue the procedures done at the salon. His Argan formula uses the ancient principles to deeply moisturize the threads. Each ampule yields
up to 10 applications.


Designed to take care of chemically processed hair by straightening, relaxation, stains and discolorations. It contains in formulating Bio-Restore®, element responsible for restoring the threads integrity. Formula enriched with Cupuaçu Butter, Shea and Tucuman, which are highly emollient, moisturizing
and nourishing. Promotes durability of the results achieved with progressive brushes.

Max Cotton

Elaborate line with Amazonian fruit, highlighting the "TUCUMA", fruit rich in vitamin A and E. It acts as fixative of nutrients in the threads. Promotes more durability of the treatments done in the beauty salon.

Argan Oil Maitenance

Developed to continue the procedures done at the salon. His Argan formula uses the ancient principles to deeply moisturize the threads.

KIT 1 – 10,56oz Shampoo ,10,56ozl Conditioner, 10,56oz Leave-in  and 1,06oz Argan Oil .

KIT 2 – 10,56oz Shampoo , 10,56oz Conditioner , 10,56oz Definer curls and 1,06oz Argan Oil.

 Travel Kit

The sun, salt and chlorine damage your hair, the Travel Kit gives you the convenience of taking care of your hair on the beach, in the countryside, in the gym, the pool, or on the go. 1,22oz packaging devised for small spaces such as necessaire, suitcase, gym bag, etc. In addition to protecting the threads, deeply hydrates, promotes shine, softness and elasticity of the threads.





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